Thursday night ride

Posted: July 8, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Went out with Rich for a gentle ride round a variation on the usual basic loop. My experiment with tyre pressures (on the Swift) continues; it isn’t very scientific, I am not measuring pressures against HR for given speeds etc over a set course, I am just increasing and decreasing pressures in the front and back until I get to something that feels and rides ‘right’. Well, whatever I am doing, it was pretty much spot on for last night. Rich was on his 26″ Scandal and it was quite noticeable that as soon as the going got rough or heavy, the 29er surged ahead. I was able to maintain my cadence and speed whereas he was having to work much harder to keep up, or even to not drop off the back completely. I seem to have hit on a good combination between rolling resistance and grip so I really need to make a note of pressures so I can keep them as they are.

We had a nice gentle ride (not) and while not as frantic as they often are, we did work quite hard, harder than Rich wanted – he is racing this w/e.

I need to qualify that statement. We rode hard for two hours and for once Rich was playing catchup for a lot of the night!

Tune of the ride:


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