Kinesis Titanium Road Frame

Posted: July 7, 2011 in 2011, New Products
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Titanium ‘frame for life’ from Kinesis
Frame maker Kinesis is known for its good-value alloy frames but there has not been a titanium frame until now. The new GF_Ti – for Gran Fondo Titanium – uses custom-drawn and butted 3AL/2.5V titanium tubing shaped externally to achieve the required strength, stiffness and comfortable ride for a top-quality road sportive frame. Slightly unusual but welcome in a frame that’s intended as a ‘lifetime’ all purpose road model is that there are clearances for 25mm tyres and mudguards assuming 49mm brakes, and bosses for a rear 4-point luggage rack. For £1399.99, buyers get a top-notch Kinesis D21 carbon fork, integrated headset and 31.6mm carbon seatpost. Looks like a winner to us.


Picture and article pinched form the Cycling Weekly website. I know I have said it before but Kinesis seem to be making some really cracking kit (pun not intended) at the moment. This frame looks just so right. Not sure I have got a spare £1,400 for a new road frame but hey, I can’t afford to buy a Botticelli, a Monet or a Ferrari either but I can appreciate them from a distance.

More to the point is that they have been Tweeting about a new 29er and maybe even a full suss 29er, now if the latter is on the cards I will be paying serious attention. I really like the idea of a big wheeled bouncer. Time to divest myself of my massive share portfolio to pay for it then? While I pick myself up off the floor, wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes… I could be tempted to extend myself to accommodate the price of a new frame, forks and wheels (which would be built up on my nasty old DT240 hubs of course!).

It is strange, nowadays I am more motivated to save up for and build new bikes than actually ride them!

  1. Ross Burton says:

    Is there anything a full-susser 29er won’t be able to just roll over? 🙂

  2. ady says:

    That is one very nice looking frame to nice not knowing what road bike kit costs would you be able to build it up for around £2200 including frame .

  3. slowjo61 says:

    I’d have thought so, it depends which groupset you choose. You could probably get a 105 or even Ultegra setup and a reasonable set of wheels.

  4. slowjo61 says:

    Depends on your sourcing ability Ady but I’d have thought if you go for a 105 groupset, wheels and all the bits and bobs, you’ll be looking nearer £2.5k. I’m sure your garage/shed is like mine – full of barely used seatposts, saddles, pedals etc so you could bring that down nearer to your target cost. If you do get one I’d love to see it…. though with our size differential it might be a tad difficult to have a go! 🙂

  5. Dom says:

    We have got together the parts to build one this week, so I’ll post some pics on the site and blog as soon as it’s done.

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