Weight saving

Posted: July 5, 2011 in 2011, General

Following the random twists and turns of a topic on a bike related forum today, I was wondering whether anyone has done any studies of the correlation between bike weight and speed/endurance in ordinary, recreational, riders. Dropping bike weight for a road or XC pro could make the difference between a podium finish or not but for the average weekend warrior… Notwithstanding what must be a very tenuous link, they continually pour money into bikes hoping for a magic bullet, for something that will make them faster with little or no additional effort.

I have done it myself but being of a limited budget nowadays, I am of the opinion that striking a balance between the lightest and strongest component is the best thing to do. I also find that once the mid price/range groupsets hit a certain standard, there really isn’t much point for me to go off spending oodles of cash on the latest featherlight bling… just to have the lightest bike. Why?

Lightest is not necessarily best, remember the days when testers would drill out anything on their bikes that moved? Chainrings full of holes, you name it! Totally bonkers for the tiny advantage it may have given them. If you look back at old times for time trials you will see many times that would be considered more than respectable now… and then you look at the bikes they were riding! The same for mountain bikes. My most humbling experience was going out for a ride on my fully tricked out XC race bike and being stuffed into the ground by a guy on a £150 Univega. OK, I wasn’t the only one to be shown up that day and the guy was an awesome rider who was subsequently offered a ride with Volvo Cannondale but it goes to prove a point. I was fit at the time, race fit and aggressive with it but I couldn’t hold a candle to this guy on a machine that was so far down the scale of ‘coolness’ or ‘race worthiness’ that it was embarrassing. The fact that later on the same day he went on to show up all the jump squad at Madgett’s Pit (it was a lot more ‘gnarly’ then) on the same bike is immaterial. It goes to prove Lance Armstrong’s comment that it is not all about the bike.

Instead of spending money on bling, maybe riders should invest equal amounts on themselves, on getter fitter, leaner and meaner but there again it just isn’t going to happen! Bonkers!

  1. [img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-VQcjs5ZVFd8/TWVr7X_5VQI/AAAAAAAAADA/3W[/img]

    It was fast but it didn’t last

  2. slowjo61 says:

    email me the pic G and I’ll post it up. The link throws up a 404 error!

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