Weekend Riding

Posted: July 4, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Ater some more time off owing to pressing issues beyond my control, I ventured back onto the bike on Saturday. It was warm and dusty with little wind and was therefore pretty much ideal. I did not set my sights too high for this first ride and decided to try a little variation on the West Stow theme.

Once in the shed I was met with a choice of bikes. It didn’t take too long to decide it was the turn of Jake the Snake for a spin and off I set. Not unexpectedly, my legs continued to be less powerful than I wanted but it didn’t matter. I had no expectations of riding like Brad Wiggins so just being out in the open air was its own reward.

All in all, the ride was quite uneventful except I revelled in the freedom from the curse of the camelbak. So useful yet so heavy, I have grown to dislike the constant weight and any time without it is truly liberating.

I got home having completed just under 30 miles, so it was a nice little reintroduction to time in the saddle.

Tune of the ride

Ride file:

Sunday was pretty much a reprise of Saturday albeit with some changes and minor additions, and done on the Swift. Another event free ride.

Tune of the ride continued my Doors ‘thing’

Ride File

All in all a good weekend of riding. Slow maybe, not very far either but my legs are tired this morning so I must have done some good.

We have builders in with effect from this morning so there was no time for a recovery ride.


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