Posted: July 4, 2011 in 2011, General

…aren’t stupid. While I was out yesterday on a section of the ride that took me between fields full of pigs I stopped for a bite to eat and had to chuckle. It was warm, well I think it was hot but it is all relative (on Friday I was speaking to an old friend who has just come back from Papua New Guinea, and he was complaining about how cold it was here!). Anyway, the pigs seemed to agree with me. In their shade free fields, they were seeking out every bit of shade they could find, digging deep pits to lie up in and… in every water trough was a submerged pig, with its head peeking out over the edge. I wish I had taken my camera but once again, it was at home. Anyway, they rolled their pink eyes towards me, sort of thinking ‘who’s that twonk out there in the sun?’ and then went back to resting. You know what? I think they had a point there!


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