Normal Service being resumed

Posted: June 20, 2011 in 2011, Rides

What with a very busy time at work and basically, several days of feeling really rough with bad guts, last week was a bit light on content. I didn’t ride, I thought very little about bikes and my mind was elsewhere.

The only ride done in the last seven days was yesterday. What with it being father’s day I sort of anticipated a long lie in, a morning of leisure and an afternoon riding, but it was not to be. The alarm went at six (I forgot to turn it off) and I was turfed out of bed to have breakfast and get out for the early ride I had planned to do not eight hours previously. Well, I had breakfast and half heartedly looked outside half hoping there would be an excuse waiting for me. Great…there was! It was raining, well drizzling and I couldn’t be bothered to venture out so I ambled back upstairs, mumbled something about it raining in epic, or biblical proportions and promptly went back to sleep. At nine o’clock I was informed that the bed linen was due in the washing machine so I crawled out of the sack and emerged, blinking, into a bright but windy morning. The fifteen foot floods and chaos I had predicted seem to have passed us by so I was urged, once more, to get out on my bike. I was due at my parent’s house late morning so I didn’t have a lot of time. Please for a hobbit like second breakfast were ignored so that was it…me and my bike.

A short ride ensued, up into Kings Forest at a reasonable pace and back home. The week of grumbly tummy had sapped me of energy so it wasn’t a brilliant ride. I pushed on as hard as I could but to be honest, it was more of a reintroduction to the saddle than a GT type effort. I don’t have any ride stats just yet as I have put the gps down somewhere and can’t find it!

Tune of the ride:


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