Thursday night Ride

Posted: June 10, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Only a short review this time as I am on the drag and there is work waiting to be done.

After a busy week, this was the first opportunity I had to get out on the bike. As soon as I sat on the saddle I knew it was going to be hard. Uncharacteristically, I took it easy as I rode down the road to Richard’s house where Mike and he were preparing to leave. A quick discussion and we agreed to do one of the round Bury rides. As usual we kept up a decent pace but were able to occasionally talk as we slowed down for junctions etc.

After the Flying Fortress we hit the lumpy side of town. On the way we discovered a beautifully sculpted jump site and pump track. The care and attention that has obviously gone into this area is a credit to the guys involved. I have no idea how they make some of these jumps let alone ride them. Anyway, we were very impressed and after a brief look we went on our way. (I have no idea whether this site is generally known about or not but in case it isn’t, I will not be including a gps link to last night’s ride.)

We hit the green hill climbing out of Nowton with Mike leading the way (he has got rockets on his feet at the moment – must remember to sabotage his bike!) and as we got to the top Richard punctured. Whether it was a thorn or the fact that his electrical tape/rim strip and slid around, was not clear but we did take the opportunity of ribbing him about not riding tubeless! You have got to take these chances when they arrive! Anyway, puncture mended we soon hit the next big climb. I thought I was doing ok, keeping up an even tempo, working hard but not overdoing it. Mike and Rich had other  ideas and left me for dead nearly half way up. I kept up the pressure and was not so far behind, maybe 20 seconds, at the top. The next climb out of Whepstead saw Mike put the afterburners on again and although I tried my hardest was left for dead.

It was at this point that I noticed, after riding the Swift and my CX bike a lot, the Superlight seems phenomenally slack. I know it isn’t but it felt like the front wheel was miles away and I was on some sort of big hit, DH machine. Strange and of little consequence, but an observation nevertheless!

As Richard was paranoid about punctures we took the short cut home through Ickworth Park where we made the most of a fast, gravelly downhill followed by the inevitable climb. Thankfully it was not too tough and we stuck together. A swift passage along the bridleway behind my house and I was home. A short 25 miler in 1 hour 39 minutes at an average of 15mph. Max HR was 172 and the average 134.

Tune of the ride:



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