NYC Videos

Posted: June 10, 2011 in 2011, General

If you have watched the two videos below they may have made you laugh, huff and puff in indignation or simply gasp in amazement at some of the road based antics. Taken in isolation they highlight different aspects of riding life in NYC and are quite entertaining.

It was only while blasting around the lanes and byways of Bury last night that it occurred to me that we really ought to consider the two films together. Juxtaposed, you can start to see both sides of the coin. On the one hand we have the frankly ludicrous scenario where police issue tickets to cyclists for not riding in cycle lanes (we all know cycle lanes are seldom safe, they are seen as parking areas, proto landfill sites, receptacles for broken glass etc etc) and on the other we can see frightening examples of cycling/driving anarchy. To an extent, one begets the other. If we had cyclists totally ignoring road protocol, as in the 3 way junction clip, in London or another big city in the UK, the red tops would have us strung from every lamp post in the land and quite rightly so. In this case, it seems that cyclists need to be saved from themselves and if they are too dumb to look after number 1, then they have to be coerced into doing it.

Given that the mayor of NYC seems to be going overboard with health and safety issues – to such an extent that New Yorkers complain the essential character of the city is being overwhelmed, you can understand the draconian stance that is being taken. It is a shame however, that the safety measures set up to protect cyclists (cycle paths) are so abused by other road users that riders are forced into the main traffic stream where they are safer!



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