Saturday morning ride

Posted: June 4, 2011 in 2011, Rides

A rare treat, I got out early for a Saturday morning ride. The plan being to beat the heat and also to get back in good time for domestic duties. Following some fiddling with position on the CX bike I thought this was the machine to take out. I could buzz round the road sections at high speed and combine tempo riding with some speed work on the fire roads.

I buzzed around fine and then suffered on the fire roads, something was wrong but I couldn’t work out what it was. I persevered and pushed as hard as I could but it wasn’t quite there. I reckon I’m just a little tired. Anyway, the wind behind mne my pace picked up and it all started to come together when I heard the dreaded sound…..hissssssssssssssssssssssssss.

It was a nice enough spot so I took the wheel out, chatted to an elderly couple who were using their (really heavy looking) bikes to help them get around the forest so they could birdwatch (a curlew and a spotted flycatcher were the highlights of the day). Anyway, they ambled off and I started packing my bits and bobs away only to hear that sound again! This time it was coming fromn the other wheel. Fortunately I had taken two tubes with me so it was a simple job but one that left me feeling a little vulnerable, miles from home with no chance of a broom wagon. The causes were the familiar pinch flat and a massive thorn.

The rest of the ride passed without incident although I did run out of water with about 4 miles to go.

Tune of the ride:

Ride file:

  1. ady says:

    How do you manage to get so much time on the bike what with work and decorating at home and looking at cars for son only been on the bike once in the last 2 weeks .
    Can you go tubeless on the cx or can you not get them for big wheelers i run tubless on my wheels and its the best upgrade ive done not had a flat since fitting them but did use stans and specific tubeless tyres but standard rims

  2. slowjo61 says:

    Ady, it is just how this week worked out. Next week may fall apart and then I could face veryt little time on the bike. I was due to get out this morning but preferred to sleep!

    If you look carefully, all the rides are local so there is no time wasted driving to BCP and back. A 2 hour slot is therefore viable for a decent ride as opposed to it being 1 hour after driving, faffing etc.

  3. Mike m says:

    more or less anything can go tubeless these days when i first went tubeless i was using all my old tyres up and sealing up all the old punctures in the process
    one thing with tubeless tyres is if you get too big a hole and you need to put in a tube watch out for thorns etc in the tube as there may be a few in there which have been sealed as they will soon put holes in your back up

  4. slowjo61 says:

    Some die hard CXers I have spoken to suggest that tubeless on a CX bike is not a good idea. The suggestion was that tubeless does not allow you to run low enough pressures without the tyre popping off. I think that I’ll still give it a try as I can do without pinch flats.

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