Wednesday evening ride

Posted: June 2, 2011 in 2011, General

It was warm, still and dry…perfect weather for a quick blast around the local loop so I planned to bunk off work a few minutes early so I could get a decent ride in and still have an evening. In the event I didn’t get away until far later than I planned so a hasty shuffle of route options saw me heading off down the familiar lanes to the woods.

I had forsaken the Swift as the tyre seems to be too badly torn to repair itself fully. It looks as if I’ll have to patch it (extra point for inner tubes and not tubeless here!). Two or three minutes into the ride the SC started wailing like a demented banshee or a box of angry mice. Despite deciding to ride through it I had to stop after a mile to reset the brakes. Fettling finished, the trail beckoned and soon the dust and flint that characterise a lot of the riding at present, were whizzing under my wheels. As soon as I hit the sandy section I realised how much better the 29er is on this sort of terrain, I got bogged down and when I pushed through it, the front and back wheels quickly established independent control and I was a hapless passenger coaxing the bike towards firmer ground.

Onto the main body of the ride and it was bone dry, rock hard and quite fast. This ride is not technically challenging in the slightest but it is quiet and really quite a pleasant area to ride in. Lost in my thoughts I pushed on as hard as I could and made fantastic time. I discovered a new section of singletrack, short but more fun than slogging through 6 inch deep dust. Kings Forest was soon behind me and I was in a quandary, do I take the road back to the next section of trail or do I tempt fate and ride the bit that always worries me? I chose the latter, I have got to put this beast to bed. The trail in question runs alongside a river (the view was absolutely spectacular last night by the way) and dips down close to the bank; there is an innocent piece of root crossing the path somewhat obliquely and it is a piece of cake to roll over. Anyway, this is my ‘black dog’ and I always worry that it will tip me into the river, much to the amusement of Rich and Mike. Anyway, that is the way I went and yes, it was fine. And so the ride neared the end, Lackford Lane beckoned and it hit it with a surprising amount of gusto. Highlight of this section was a Little Owl just sitting on the trail, watching me.

Home and a bowl of chilli and rice plus a cup of tea sort of rounded the evening off.

Tune of the ride

Ride file:

West Stow loop – ish! by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.


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