Olympic Tickets

Posted: June 1, 2011 in 2011, General

It would appear that the likes of Brad Wiggins etc will have to tell their families to stay at home during the Olympics. Brad certainly has not got any tickets. I think it is perhaps a little off that competitors can’t have their family with them, or at least know they are in the crowd. On the other hand, the fact that Boris didn’t get any either kind of makes me smile!

I don’t hold with the cynical view that the Games will be too London centric, it was London after all that was awarded the Games, not Manchester, not Birmingham, not Norwich but this whole seating thing leaves me a little uncomfortable. The prices for the best places are out of the range of all but the wealthiest, or foolish, and sorting by the depth of one’s pockets is not a very egalitarian way to allocate seats. On the other hand, I understand the commercial imperative too. Someone has to pay the bills. It is a difficult balancing act and not one I’d like to have on my plate.

Surprises notwithstanding, I will be watching selected events from the comfort of my own potato sack. When there is boring stuff on the box I will hopefully be taking advantage of empty trails.


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