Sunday Ride

Posted: May 29, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Windy but warm and dry. I had grabbed a couple of extra hours in bed as everyone else was riding somewhere else today. In the shed the decision was tough, the revamped Swift or Jake. The crosser won and so I headed out as a pseudo roadie to blast around our default loop.

Almost immediately, I was working hard. My legs and lungs felt as if they belonged to someone else, someone who had been boozing, smoking and eating crap for years. Sadly, this set the tone for the whole ride and the opening downhill start out of the way I slipped into the little ring and stayed there all ride. I suffered the whole way round and the ride seemed to take forever. The downhills were tough and the uphills purgatory. I felt every lump and bump in the trail and the telltale mistakes of a tired rider crept in almost from the off.

I discovered how a CX bike behaves in sand – it doesn’t float about on top of the surface like a wide, mountain bike tyre, it seems to weave about for a second or two, then dig down to the firm surface beneath. This was interesting but even so I lost the front wheel on an innocuous patch half way up a gentle climb. I decided to stop and regain my composure before continuing but it was a bit of a wake up call.

I got home in just under two hours, glad I had been out but actually, having hated every minute. I guess these are what they call the ‘hard miles’ .

Distance : 27.49 miles

Time : 1hr 51 minutes

Average: 14.9 mph

Average HR 138

Max HR 160

Tune of the ride:






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