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Posted: May 25, 2011 in 2011, General Ramblings, Product Reviews

Just happened across a ‘budget’ bike review online and read it with interest then happened across a comment in the responses section which got me thinking.

(the link won’t work so you will have to copy the address and paste it yourself). For a start, a £2,700 bike certainly isn’t a ‘budget’ machine IMO but that is not the point. In the comments section, someone mentioned something that seems to go on quite a lot and to be honest, unless the testers mention it, it stands a good chance of sliding by unnoticed.

In this case they change the cranks from Deore 10 speed to XTR (compare the pictures and the spec list) and quite possibly the wheels too. To a certain degree this chages the whole characteristic of the package you are buying. Many, but not all, people will simply want to buy a bike and ride it. Upgrades, experimenting with different stem lengths, bars widths etc are simply not even on their radar. When a magazine reviews a machine maybe on the basis of revised equipment, how valid is the review? It is a little like saying the bottom the the range Anthem is a pretty ordinary bike but once you upgrade it to XTR, RP23 shock, Crest wheels, carbon bars etc etc, then it is a damned fine machine. Go out and buy the grotty one, when you have the wherewithal to upgrade it it’ll be brilliant.It just isn’t the same.

Singletrack tend to mention when they change bits and bobs and give you an idea of what the change does and why but how many others do this?


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