Sunday Ride

Posted: May 23, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Mike, Dan and I met up at BCP for a 9.00am start. We did a mixture of singletrack and fire road, well known trails and a little ‘exploring lite’. The Swift performed well but I was so off the pace it is a joke. I guess being tired from a very long day on Friday (working until gone 1.00am) didn’t help but Dan and Mike are so much faster than me at the moment.

The last two years have seen me slow down considerably and my riding tastes definitely seem to be changing. The thrill of blasting round Thetford single track is waning fast; I have been riding it pretty much constantly since the late 1980s and it is fair to say that I am bored with it. I still enjoy the odd session here and there but quite honestly, I’d rather save the diesel and ride from home. Home rides need not exclude Thetford, it is only about 15 miles as the crow flies and a jaunt there and back is a good ride but, drive there just to ride the same old trails in a different order…not as compelling as once it was.

I need to find a way to combine riding with my mates, but over terrain that holds some sort of interest while managing to fit it all in with family life.

Anyway, the ride was tough and I had to call off quite early on as I kept getting head aches.

Ride file:

Tune of the ride:


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