Thursday Evening Ride

Posted: May 20, 2011 in 2011, Rides

With legs still a little heavy from Sunday and Tuesday’s exertions I headed out to meet Rich and Mike for another of our ‘try and thrash your mates into the ground’ sessions. I was riding my newly upgraded Swift so I was either going to love it or have my legs well and truly ripped off.

It was decided that we would start with a long-ish road section just to spin our legs and warm up. This thoroughly laudable idea and the good intentions that accompanied it, evaporated within a few minutes. Pace picked up and jockeying for position commenced. As the others are stronger than me right now, I took the sensible option and tucked in as much as possible. Climbing out of Cavenham past the shooting club saw me pop out on the front somehow, followed my Mike making a bid for freedom 2/3 of the way up. I graciously let him take the lead and glued myself to his wheel as he crested the climb and we started the long downward ride towards Lackford. The pace was brisk but nothing too painful so I took it all in my stride.

Once in Lackford, we saw the West Suffolk wheelers preparing for their evening time trial so we ducked off road after the bridge. An excursion along a cheeky trail left me feeling a little uncomfortable but we soon popped out on a legitimate section and then dived into the Kings Forest proper. Mike was dropped as soon as the trail got sandy though he got back on pretty quickly before we crossed the road by the archery club. We had been riding hard for about an hour by now and we hit a section of road that was full of medium sized rocks. Richard punctured, a pinch flat but we lost no time in taking the mickey about his nearly bald Racing Ralph. It should  have been thrown away months ago – I’m sure he is a closet roadie! Puncture mended and ‘comfort break’ completed, we headed off onto some really fast fire roads. This is always the scene of a battle over maybe a couple of miles or so of fast, undulating track down to the road. It is a very tactical section, you need to keep the pace as high as you can without expending too much energy as the last quarter mile usually ends up as an all out sprint with no prisoners being taken. I got it wrong and faded badly in the last 300 yards while Mike and Rich powered on to the finish.

The road crossed, we kept the pace high for the race up the orange hill. I own this little climb but last night I pushed a little too hard and Mike pipped me to the post as once again, my legs had had enough. Round the corner on the orange road we had our customary chase with a little terrier who seems to enjoy running alongside us, yapping for as long as his little  legs can carry him. Turning right, we headed downhill and soon found ourselves back at the bridge. I ended up on the front in the ride towards Lackford Lane, giving the other two a rest.

Lackford Lane is another tactical race, too fast at the bottom and you have had it, too slow and you get ridden off everyone else’s wheel and don’t forget, everyone else is tucked in behind you so you have to have the legs once you hit the tarmac. Given the Swift’s blatant superiority in sand, I tucked in behind the others as they pushed on. I stayed there until half way up the chalky trail until Mike made a break on the right. A shout to Rich to warn him was followed by a massive injection of pace which left me floundering. Rich went on to win the sprint and I rolled up maybe 20 seconds later.

A roll into Risby and we went our separate ways.

A good ride of just over 26 miles at an average speed of 15.4 mph.

Ride file here:

West Stow extra-ish by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Continuing the Hard Fi theme, the tune of the ride was:


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