Riding tonight

Posted: May 19, 2011 in 2011, General

The weather looks set fair, not much wind and it is all set for a zip around the local trails. Not sure where we’ll be going but I can’t wait – I really love it like this. Dry and warm – but not too warm and little wind! What could be better?

Looking ahead though, the prevailing meteorological feature for the weekend seems to be wind. Kicking off tomorrow it promises to build to maybe a Force 5 gusting 7 or 8 by Sunday! Where the hell has that come from? Back in my windsurfing days I’d have been jumping round like a kitten on speed in anticipation of a high wind weekend but nowadays when it translates to extra effort to get upwind on a bike, I am not so keen. Maybe if there was a way of tacking it would be ok but with the roads being fairly static, if the wind is head on, that’s it. If you are on a long straight road with nowhere to dive off for a break, then all you have in prospect is an unending, hard, hard slog. The return journey can be fantastic if the wind keeps the same direction and strength but then there’s the temptation of going too far. There you are, ticking over in maybe 52:13, flying before the wind. All those hard fought miles just whizz past, you approach the home run yet you keep on going, intoxicated by the speed, the ease of the whole thing and then reality strikes as you finally have to turn for home. You aren’t the next GC contender for a Grand Tour, you are an ordinary ‘Joe” being hammered by fatigue and an unfavourable pressure system.

Maybe I’ll ride on Saturday, at least I will be able to get from a to b even if it is upwind!


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