Addiction failure

Posted: May 17, 2011 in 2011, General

I need to go to these imaginary addiction meetings more frequently. Despite my best intentions, I have failed to control the urge to spend money on my bikes. Fortunately, it isn’t a lot of money but, if you add it all up,  the little chunks of cash expended in this way, might make a bigger chunk once the day of reckoning arrives.

The lucky recipient of this month’s tlc is once again the Swift. No sooner have I got it where I want it then I am off again. Previous posts have chronicled my desire for a new (bigger) chainring. I ended up with a 36 tooth MRP SS specific chainring in a rather predictable matt black. To go with this, I also had to buy a new chain. The old one is fine but as it snapped one cold, dark night back in the winter, and I have neglected to replace it, it really has to strain to get onto the 32 sprocket as it is. The whole premise lurking behind this purchase was to extend my range of usable gears and the (new) larger chainring is going to make the bailout gear unavailable if I leave things as they are. Therefore, it has to go into the bin and the old chainring has to go and join the growing collection of chainrings hanging in my shed . In my opinion, chains are disposable items so I see little or no point in spending unnecessarily large amounts of money on a spanky, lightweight chain that is going to get covered in muck, abraded to within an inch of its life on each and every (winter) ride, and is bound to have a shelf life shorter than a lump of rotten fish. I have therefore bought a SRAM ‘cheapie’.

As a dollop of fiscal largesse that doesn’t amount too much really…. a mere bagatelle one might quip, but it went further than that. An innocent question on singletrack forum resulted in the purchase of a pair of On One carbon forks.

 They are second hand, they do have a bit of a scuff on them and they were well under MRP but it was still a lapse. My new found iron self control has evaporated in a puff of fancy and has proved more illusory than the good relationship and mutual respect evident in our glorious government!

Well, I have done it now. Still on the cards though is the possible sale of my Boardman Team Carbon road bike but this too is still true to form… funding purchases by the half formed thought of maybe selling something while resolutely doing nothing!

As I said…. I am an addict! 😉

  1. clemo says:

    Sounds to me like OCD for bike ‘performance’ which is temporarily abated by handling shiny components.

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