West Drayton Off Road Sportive tomorrow

Posted: May 14, 2011 in 2011, General

I have packed all my gear, the bike is ready (old saddle removed – it was falling apart – and replaced with a newer, less damaged one from the parts bin ). Rich and I have yet to agree who is driving but apart from that we are good to go. It will be an early start (we need to leave Bury no later than 6.30 am).

Whether my legs are up to 100km has yet to be seen but I certainly felt on good form earlier this week. Still, there are plenty of food stops, it isn’t really a race and I could take all day if I needed to. I plan to take the video camera and my stills camera so I should have some good shots to put up. Perhaps I’ll give all the raw footage to my son and get him to use all his post production skills and software to good use.

More on Monday then! I guess I will not be writing anything tomorrow.

  1. Peterh says:

    “it isn’t really a race” – I’ve heard that one before 🙂 Maybe see you there.

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