KCNC Razor Rotors

Posted: May 10, 2011 in 2011, Product Reviews
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I have just taken delivery of some new rotors. Weighing in at 75g each, they are much lighter than the Shimano ones I had previously but even better, they look far more trick! Given the shape I think the mud clearing will be good and they are supposed to work better than the plain style favoured by the Big S. Note, if you buy any, they come with Torx bolts so make sure you have the correct tool to fit them.

Price is between £20 and £25 per rotor depending on where you buy them.

Fitting was predictably easy, a squirt of disc cleaner helps as they feel quite oily. I’ll be out for a ride tonight so hopefully they’ll bed in quickly and I’ll get a feel for how well they work.

EDIT: I get the feeling that they haven’t bedded in yet. The trail was dusty so they didn’t get dirty (which always seems to help in the early stages) though there was a noticeable improvement towards the end of the ride. More as and when I have anything to say though I get the feeling they will become a pretty anonymous part of the bike pretty soon – and that is as it should be really. If I notice something it generally means it isn’t working properly!

EDIT: A couple of rides in and there has been a significant improvement in braking. From feeling vague and wooden, the brakes have become sharper, very grabby if you pull to hard, but there is plenty of modulation available. A possible downside is that they are a little noisy – they don’t squeal like angry piglets but they do make a distinct sound all of their own. It comes and goes but it does sound awfully like the rotors making a mess of the brake pads! I have not used them in wet weather yet, maybe some time soon if the forecast is correct!

EDIT: Getting better and better all the time. I will be getting another set for my Superlight in due course.

Five months on (October 2011) and I still have the rotors fitted to the Swift. The Superlight has gone and I have fitted a new set of rotors to the wheels on my new bike (Niner Sir9). The pads and rotors on the latter haven’t bedded in well yet but there again, they have not been on a wet, muddy ride together; IME this is when pads and rotors start to work well. Braking is progressive and gradual but on the Swift they are really powerful. I have cleaned the rotors with rotor cleaner and they have improved a bit, I just need to find a muddy puddle somewhere and ride through it time and again! Another noteworthy thing is that the pads on the Swift have not eroded away to nothing yet, indeed they hardly seem to have worn at all. The open design of the rotor seems not to make that much difference then! Oh yes, and no more squealing! 🙂

  1. Ross Burton says:

    Is there actually any surface there for the pads to, you know, brake against? 🙂

  2. slowjo61 says:

    Think of it as a kind of Bauhaus, minimalist rotor, aesthetically pleasing yet strangely functional at the same time. 🙂

  3. John J says:

    Do the rotors still squeal?

    • slowjo61 says:

      They don’t squeal so much as produce a low frequency grindy/crunchy sound rather like metal eating brake pad*. It isn’t loud but is noticeable. As the pads/rotors have become more familiar with each other this noise has diminished but it is still there. The other Saturday I went out and experienced a novelty…riding through puddles! There was plenty of squealing for the first few minutes but then, o matter how wet they got, the squealing disappeared.

      * INterestingly, despite this graunchy kind of sound, it has not translated into mullered brake pads.

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