Another bikeless Sunday

Posted: May 8, 2011 in 2011, General

Today I have resisted the dubious attractions of fettling with my bikes. Rather like the faded glory of a genteel, east cost sea side resort (more Southwold and Aldeburgh rather than Frinton and Clacton) this particular occupation has seen better days. Although there is a certain esoteric charm in these places, they aren’t somewhere to spend your whole life. An extended holiday is ok but once your stay stretches beyond a couple of weeks, well there are other things to do, places to go. So it is with doing stuff to bikes if you can’t ride them. I have swapped bits around, cleaned drivetrains, toyed with the idea of selling several of them to fund one big new project, rejigged ideas etc and short of stripping down the Superlight to give  it a proper clean, I have done all I am going to do.

Yesterday dawned with the optimism of a late spring morning only to be dispelled by an unexpected squall in the evening as coughing returned with a vengeance. While I convinced myself that a Sunday morning ride would be perfectly ok (you know, a short and slow ride… maybe 30 miles or so) the idea received short shrift from SWMBO and so I am doomed to spend another weekend of sloth (well – gardening and stuff like that) and the prospects of actually doing the West Drayton event next weekend recede as quickly as the chances of electoral reform.

I shall devote this morning to nerdy stuff so that when I get out again, it will seem like a double relief and will therefore be n x better!


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