Tour of Cornfields

Posted: May 7, 2011 in 2011, Events
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A CX Sportive in September along the lanes of Cambridgeshire. I had to duck out last time owing to injury and much regretted it. Entries are open again and if you are interested get yourself entered now!

  1. Peterh says:

    It’s 4th September. Think I’ll enter again – it was a well organised event last year.
    I’ll be doing it on a Mtb. I was a bit jealous of the CX guys last year because it looked like great fun (and fast) doing it on that kind of bike.

  2. slowjo61 says:

    I’ll be doing it on Jake the Snake so you can be jealous of me! 😉

  3. Ross says:

    Does look interesting if I can get myself fit enough. My current build is a CX frame so I could put proper tyres on it and do it on that, or use the mtb. I presume the advantage a MTB has on the proper off-road bits is totally annihilated on the roads.

  4. slowjo61 says:

    Unless it is horribly bumpy, the CX will destroy a MTB for speed off road as well. Once it gets technical the MTB wlil come into its own. This is a course designed for the CX bike so I’d have thought the MTBs will be left behind. I understand that trhere are one or two downhill sections where CX bikes didn’t do as well.

    Ride the CX, you know it makes sense! 🙂

    • PeterH says:

      Almost all the CX’ers were sitting around relaxing at the end when I finished the race last year. I managed to overtake the odd CX bike on corners but generally the only thing remotely technical on this course is caused by the dried hoof prints. There’s one short down hill that’s slightly interesting (Cracknow hill) thanks to erosion by off-road drivers. Being fast (assuming the weather is dry) makes it fun.

  5. slowjo61 says:

    Pete you have 3 months to buy yourself a crosser then! 🙂

    • PeterH says:

      I need to buy a new house first – I’m running out of rooms to store bikes (hallway, spare room, sitting room). Hmm, I guess the bed room is free…

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