Terminology and yes, this is important to you too!

Posted: May 3, 2011 in 2011, General

The CTC Tweet I received a few minutes ago didn’t really inspire me to open it, nor to dwell on it for more than an instant but for some reason, I was drawn back to it a few minutes later. I am glad I did as this is important for all of us, cyclists and pedestrians alike. We may not all be cyclists but even Jeremy Clarkson et al will be pedestrians once in a while. I have seen the results of cars hitting people and it really isn’t very pretty at all. In one instance, I shared in the anger of many people when a careless driver was effectively let off for killing someone (£50 fine and 3 points on his licence) on a bike. Accidents do happen, even in a motoring context, but all too often, we collude in the pretence that deaths or maiming following careless driving are an accident. Is it to somehow soften the blow or just a willingness to perpetuate the myth that once you get behind the car you pretty much sign away responsibility for your actions? Once we start to get the terminology right maybe, just maybe, we will change our collective attitude to driving, drivers’ responsibility and the consequences of our actions.

Read this  and next time, call it what it is…


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