Car Park Fail

Posted: May 3, 2011 in 2011, General

I was in Cambridge yesterday. As we were driving towards the airport on Newmarket Road we noticed the hordes of cyclists obviously out on some sort of organised event/ride, I never did find out what it was. Anyway, cyclists of all shapes and sizes seemed to be taking part with an equally random assortment of bikes. It was sunny and dry (a bit breezy) and a lovely day to be out on your bike and I felt more than a little jealous.

Moving on, we got to the Park and Ride, selecting the section on the right as you come in. As we rounded the round about a car had stopped under the barrier. The car was a BMW estate, the height restriction thingy was swinging, there were bikes and bits and pieces all over the road and at first I thought he  had hit someone but then it dawned on me – he had one of those high level bike carriers and he had smacked it on the way through, taking the bikes off, trashing the rack and digging some interesting gouges in the top of the Beamer. I could see his other half looking grim and sort of pitied him. Once we had parked, we walked past the carnage towards the bus. Everything was under control but the bloke seemed torn between the damage to his car and being late for the start of the ride.

We have all been there, one time or another but it was such an obvious fail. I wonder whether he was allowed to ride or had to go home in disgrace!


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