Bloomin’ colds… grumble blog!

Posted: April 29, 2011 in 2011, General Ramblings

I have been looking forward to a long weekend of riding for ages. When I got this cold last week I rather hoped it would be all over by now. I feel absolutely fine but my chest in wheezing away as if I have been sucking on Woodbines or Lamb’s Navy Cut for the last 30 years. I have fettled my bikes this morning in lieu of riding, and surfed about a bit but can’t get inspired, though I did spend some time wistfully looking at an Anthem, and a road bike, and another CX bike, and some really sexy wheels, and a new saddle and…. well all sorts of stuff.

Meanwhile the Royal Yawnfest is rattling on in the house and with my Republican tendencies it has been agreed that family harmony would best be preserved if I made myself scarce!

What else…? Oh yes, my wheels still aren’t ready. Mike pretty much got them sorted last night only to discover that one of my tyres had a large hole right next to the bead so I am going to have to buy a replacement. Sod’s Law I suppose and as I can’t ride anyway, no big deal but it would have given me something to do… drive into town, park, enter shop, chat about bikes for ages, pay and come home… pretty much ideal shopping trip if you ask me.

I suppose I could always go and tidy up my toolkit now 😉

I had a good look at my Superlight while fettling the brakes (again) this morning. It really is beginning to look sad. Some of the people I ride with turn up with bikes that look as though they have just come out of the showroom whereas my Superlight looks as if it has ridden round the world a few times. Great chunks of paint are missing, scratches everywhere… no dings but it just looks tired. Components have been polished bare by years of mud and crap being washed off , you know the score. It has been ridden hard for 5 years or so. In that time it has had a respray (it came with rub off paint) and had a warranty paint job by Argos in Bristol. I paid extra for things like the decals to be lacquered in but they didn’t do it and claimed never to have received the request despite having taken my money. To be honest I wasn’t happy but decided paint wasn’t integral to riding the bike and just got on with it. Recently, I have spent a lot of cash on the bike to get it running well but I reckon this winter it will have to be stripped down again for a respray… or do I just get something else? A respray is the most economical option and the bike is running better than it ever has, so maybe I’ll treat it to a new drivetrain and brakes at the same time…don’t get me started on brakes. I hate my brakes, they are pants, they rub all the time no matter how often I reset them, adjust the calliper etc etc.

To cheer myself up I think I’ll put the kettle on, make a nice mug of tea and wander out to the shed again and maybe I’ll brush the cobwebs off my fixie and get it ready for winter!

  1. Peterh says:

    It does seem that pad retraction is the Achilles heel of disk brakes. My eye was drawn to an advert in Singletrack mag recently for pistonless brakes from these guys: – which I think they claimed do not suffer from this problem. Keep meaning to do some research on them…

  2. slowjo61 says:

    I saw that too and ditto, I was going to have a peep too. They are £130 an end and distributed by Zyro

  3. ady says:

    Shame you could not ride john as for the super light to be honest if i was you i would change it or at least the frame as its very near the end of its usefull life .
    My trusty marin is the same age and has had the same sort of abuse maybe more as im carrying a bit more lard these days and when cleaning the other day found what i thought where to deep scratches on the head tube so decided to crack test them with dye pen (used for non destrutive testing of welds etc )and sure enough the old girl has two cracked welds .
    And was intending to ride it in the dales next month so it looks like another frame or may not bother as have the R8 .
    If you have any welds etc that you think maybe cracked let me know and will test them for you.
    Anyway am riding tomorrow and may have a go at the climb you suggested but see how the legs are as walked up ben nevis monday/scarfell tuesday and snowden wednesday so may well be just a spin to bring the legs back to cycling mode

  4. slowjo61 says:

    I had a word with Mike at Revel’s about the Ashima brakes. Apparently, the experience at Revel’s has not been good and if I understood properly, will not be high on the recommended list. Having said that, the principle is good and it may just be that a bit more work is/was required before bringing the product to market.

    Ady, I think it is more of a superficial tired than a ‘this bike is totally shagged out and fit only for the skip’ tired! :0) On the design front it is still in production albeit with a revised swing arm and as I said, it still runs well enough. When and if I get to the respray stage I ay well take you up on your offer as there’s no point paying for a broken frame to be painted.

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