New XTR Rear Mech and XT Groupset – a video

Posted: April 27, 2011 in 2011, New Products

This little video highlights the main selling points on the new XTR Shadow Rear Mech and the new XT groupset. I am so grateful to Shimano for the upgrade to the XTR mech. Until now I had failed to appreciate quite how much the quality of my riding has suffered because of chain slap. As the nice man says, the last thing you want is noise ruining your ride and those clever boffins from Shimano have reduced it by ‘90,95 or 100%’. Surely, if i want to ride in silence I’ll get some XTR branded ear plugs!

Seriously, if they have eliminated chain slap it will be a good thing. I forgot to put my chain stay protector on last time I washed the bike (a week or so ago) and the underside of the drive side chain stay is back to bare metal already,

I like the look of the XT kit and am particularly interested in the brakes. My LX brakes are ok but I’d like them to set a little further way from the rotor – and to stay that way! Brake rub seems to be a constant headache nowadays as the pistons are either reluctant to travel all the way back or they have just become sticky/corroded. While the positive effect is the enhanced training effect (yeah right!) I could do with freely rotating wheels, I have got  enough of a job lugging myself around without additional ‘help’ from Messrs Shimano and co!

  1. Ross says:

    I’m suffering from “enhanced training” with the Avid’s on my superlight. I think/hope it needs an early bleed and piston reset.

    My hardtail has the “old” XT brakes on and they are fantastic, haven’t had a single problem with them and the stopping power is incredible.

  2. Ross Burton says:

    Oh the new XT stuff is very pretty…

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