Bank Holiday weekend…

Posted: April 21, 2011 in 2011, General

…and what do I get? A cold! I woke up this morning with a throat that felt as rough as a bag of rusty nails. I have been watching the weather forecast with undisguised glee as the traditional rain, cold and wall to wall misery became increasingly conspicuous by its absence and what happens? A bloomin’ virus gets me. All I can hope is that my long dormant immune system can kick into action and get this thing sorted out pronto. I have had enough of cleaning bikes and fantasising about riding them to last me a lifetime.

Having said that, looking on the bright side… a little birdie (well Stovey actually) tells me that my 29er rims have arrived and are in the process of being built up. This is it then, make or break with the Swift. I have done everything humanely possible to get this bike sorted and riding well, if light wheels don’t fix it then some other solution will be called for… maybe another CX bike (just for the hell of it!) or even a respray for my Superlight.

Watch this space!


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