Round Bury Loop

Posted: April 20, 2011 in 2011, Rides

A short ride last night, 25 miles of lumpy round Bury roads and bridleways. I expected to feel terrible after Sunday’s efforts but after I warmed up the strength started to return to my legs and I just felt better and better as the ride went on. It was just Rich and I tonight and we kept up a fairly civilised pace throughout although I had the pleasure of owning him on the hill into Whepstead! I must mention the weather…. marvellous. Not too warm, not too cold, little wind and basically just fantastic. On the downside, the warm weather has reintroduced the involuntary airborne snack. I have no idea how many flies I managed to eat last night – yuk!

I have got gear adjustment for the rear mech pretty well dialled now; I have to turn my attention to the front mech which is causing my ears some serious grief. When I got home the rear brakes was squealing like a rat in a trap so some tlc is in order there then.

Distance: 24.92 miles

Average Speed: 15.3 mph

Average HR 135bpm

Max HR 167bpm

Tune of the ride:


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