This weekend’s riding

Posted: April 18, 2011 in 2011, General

Saturday dawned bright and clear with more than a hint of warmth in the air but I just couldn’t get myself out of bed as early was I wanted. It was just too warm and I was slightly tired after the working week so I lay in. At about 8.30 I had had enough and got up, had breakfast, wandered outside to look at the day and decided that riding was a good idea after all. Getting ready to ride is a bit like turning an oil tanker, it takes time and planning. Neither were high on the list of commodities at my disposal so I hurriedly got ready and stood at the shed trying hard to decide which bike to ride. Inevitably I chose JTS as I was not sure whether I wanted to ride on or off road.

After almost a week of rest I expected my legs to be fresh and strong but it was not to be and they felt like two stick of rhubarb. Twenty minutes or so of gentle persuasion coaxed some life back into my weary limbs and I got into my stride though I was unable to put any significant effort in and stayed twiddling throughout the ride. The offroad sections proved tough; as I was in a little gear I felt every undulation and bump so the whole ride was something of a trial. In the event I completed my standard (almost) 30 mile round trip at a decent enough pace and rounded it all off with a very pleasant cup of tea in the sun.

Distance: 29.9 miles

Average speed: 15.5 mph

Average HR: 139

Max HR: 159

Tune of the ride:

Sunday saw a radical departure from normal activity – Rich and I decided to go out for a road ride with the West Suffolk Wheelers club run. An early meet was agreed to give us plenty of time to get to the meeting point in Bury. I left the house in time but flatted maybe 50 yards away from the house. There wasn’t enough time to mend the puncture so I hastily swapped bikes and JTS was released for its second ride of the weekend. This was going to be a tougher ask though, a long ride on CX tyres with a bunch of fit roadies. Rich and I made a pact to keep an eye out for each other and sallied forth. Little wind, cool to start , warming up as the morning went on. I think I did ok really, all things considered, and managed to stay with the group until maybe the last 4 miles before the break, oh yes, and one particularly fast session beforehand. I was tootling along at 26.9 mph and still got dropped. When the end came I just had to ease up, Rich and one or two others dropped back to pace me back and in a few minutes we were back up to speed. The tea stop was brief as Rich and I wanted to head back (though I did have to drag him away from some rather tasty looking scones) and while I could keep the pedals turning, the extra effort of riding knobbly tyres finished me off. All in all a really good ride which saw me get over the 30 mile barrier that time normally imposes upon my riding. I wil do it again but on road tyres next time!

Distance: 53.53 miles

Average speed: 18mph

Average HR: 131

Max HR:  159

Tune of the ride:


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