Lackford Lane Challenge

Posted: April 14, 2011 in 2011, Events
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Open to anyone and you are free to submit times to me whenever you like. This is a totally unofficial challenge and it a good test of your own fitness and stamina, nothing else. Do it whenever you want and let me have your times. I will post a leader board when I have worked out how to do it (any techies out there feel free to help on that one).

The course is from the Lackford end of Lackford Lane up towards Risby. The start is at the beginning of the trees on the left, follow the trail up through the fields, past the bungalow, onto the tarmac for the last bit and to the ‘Footpath’ sign on the left – which is the finish. I’ll do a GPS file for it and post it here.

Categories as follows: under 14 stone and over 14 stone. This is meant to be a MTB course only but you can ride a CX bike, just let me know if you do.

Rules: ride it as fast as you can from a standing start.

This is not a tough or technical trail, it is bridleway, sandy at the bottom, smooth mud trail in the middle finishing off with tarmac at the end. It passes for an uphill section but at best it is only a gentle rise. I have always found it energy sapping particularly as we normally ride it at the end of a ride. As it is a bridleway there may be other people using it, they have as much right to be there as you do so treat them with the normal respect.

A guide as to how long it could take:

Mike M has managed it (rolling start) in 5 minutes 32 seconds

Rich E has done it in 6 minutes 23 seconds (standing start).

I (cough) took a bit longer, but there again I am in the over 14 stone category.

Old times do not count so we are starting from scratch (sorry Mike) 🙂

So this is not a race, just a good test of your fitness and speed. At your own risk etc etc.

Directions from Brandon Country Park _ head towards Elveden cross roads. Go straight over at the lights and follow the B1106 until you reach what could almost be a junction. The road takes a 90 degree turn to the left, you go right here and follow the road to West Stow village, take the first right and follow road almost to the end where there is a (free) car park on the right. Park here. Once on your bike, tun right out of the car park and then left towards Bury. Ride along the road until you get to Lackford, ride along; on the left will be a very wide junction (you’ll know it when you see it), keep on going for a few yards and another one will open up on your left. On the other side of the road is a cottage usually selling kindling etc. This is the entrance to the trail. It is dusty and full of potholes – ride up here until the trees start on the left. This is the start point, from there, follow your nose straight up and along until the footpath sign on your left.

From Bury, head out on the Mildenhall Road, A1101 until you get to Lackford, the start is first on the left.

If you start at Risby, turn right at the village green, turn first left to wards Cavenham, then first right as you leave the village – the clue is the sign with the street name ‘Lackford Lane’, ride down here to the end, turn around and start riding!

  1. Mike m says:

    no worries john i will put some effort in net time may pop over there tomorrow for a leg stretch

  2. ady says:

    Will have a go at this in the over 14 stone cat any chance of grid reference is it ridable from brandon .
    And what about a couple of small start /finish markers for us none suffolk people.

  3. Mike m says:

    how about doing age catogarys instead of weightyou could do

  4. Mike m says:

    forgot how about a female cat

  5. slowjo61 says:

    ‘forgot how about a female cat’

    You got me there Mike! Prithee elucidate!

    Ady, I’ll sort he map references out later. You can ride from Brandon but it will take you a while.

  6. ady says:

    Would i be better parking somewere near kings forest also do you have the route on file that we rode from your house a few years ago as fancy doing it again

  7. slowjo61 says:

    Parking near Kings Forest – yes that will work fine.

    That other route was in my head not on a gps. I’ll see if I can get it down for you.

  8. Mike m says:

    i have done lackford lane on saturday but i think the 19.3 average speed over 14 miles to get there may have been a bit much as my time from a stand still was 6 minuites 4 seconds

  9. slowjo61 says:

    OK, first time posted. This is the under 14 stone category. Still nothing from any techie sort of person on how to make a league table.

  10. Mike m says:

    this is the most techey i get

  11. slowjo61 says:

    Fat old gits category – time set 6.39 from a standing start after about 22 miles at 15.8s.

  12. slowjo61 says:

    FAt old gits category – time set 6 minutes 28 seconds after about 25 miles at a similar speed. I would not have managed the better time without Richard’s back wheel which I sucked like a leech for the last few hundred yards preparatory to the final sprint which I fluffed!

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