105 Made of Cheese – official

Posted: April 13, 2011 in 2011, General

JTS has just come back from a flying visit to Dr Mike at Revel’s. After a few months use the cassette is totally shot. I know it has been used off road but never in any serious gloop, just dust, and Thetford type ‘mud’ plus a load of road miles. All in all I can’t have put more than 1,000 miles on this cassette. I am seriously underwhelmed and have replaced it with a SRAM cassette this time. Let’s see if this one lasts better!

  1. Ross Burton says:

    The perils of putting road gear onto a CX bike? Seems like a rookie mistake if the “pro-level” (according to Shimano) road cassette dies that quickly…

    My destined-for-the-commute CX build is primarily MTB gear… lots of XT gear alongside the Alfine hub just in case I decide to put some knobbly tires on and give the sport of winter-bike-carrying a go. 🙂

  2. ady says:

    John its all the power you put through the drive train.
    I know people still say the cheaper stuff last as long as top end but i have xt drive trains on both bikes and been getting at least 12 months out of rear cassette and big ring ,but i do run two chains on each bike .
    Tried slx and it to was made of brie.

  3. slowjo61 says:

    LOL Ady! 🙂

    I can’t get the right ratios with an MTB cassette Ross. 105 is a perfectly acceptable cassette to put on a CX bike, check out the spec on pre built ones, they don’t use MTB stuff but having said that, many MTB riders use road cassettes on their XC bikes.

  4. Mike m says:

    sram pg990 cassette
    sram pg 991 chain
    thats all i use now always get over a years worth of abuse out of these mothers
    keep them clean and shiny and well lubed i always use a dry lube so you dont get the black goo post ride
    by the way i neaver change a chain mid cassette so its 1 chain 1 cassette
    i am sure xt cassettes with the same care would last the same but i would not trust another shimano chain eaver

    • ady says:

      Forgot to mention i also do not use shimano chains as sram chains are far stronger and the dry lube option is a good one.

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