Sunday Ride

Posted: April 11, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Today we hooked up with Stovey and Kurt for a blast around some of our favourite (Thetford) trails. I hit gear problems almost immediately and spent the first twenty minutes cursing (not so quietly) until I finally got them sorted. By them we were ready to get going properly and we headed off at a cracking pace. While I am much, much fitter than a month or so ago, I can tell it isn’t quite there yet. When it is, I can spend all my energy concentrating on the trails, I don’t make mistakes and it all comes together as if by magic. The fitter I am therefore, the fewer mistakes I make, the fewer bad lines I select and the better I deal with the bane of my life (moguls). Where I generally go wrong is carrying speed through (tight) corners, I approach too fast, brake too hard and get out of shape on the way through and then it all goes wobbly for a bit, only a second or two but enough for the rider in front to open up a few yards, so I have to try hard to get back on and so forth.

Anyway, it was great to be riding with quicker people and it really pushed the effort levels up. I was quite grateful for the end when it came, I had hit rock bottom and had to head home alone (the others wanted a few more miles and we were in spitting distance of the car park). I was able to have something to eat and then we split up. A few minutes gentle spinning and my legs came back so I took a diversion to get some more singletrack in and some some fairly respectable speeds.

Brilliant weather, good company and some good trails… an excellent day of riding.

Distance : 27.36 miles

Time: 2 hours 27 minutes

Average speed 11.2 mph

Average HR:  142

Max HR 167

Tune of the ride:

Elvis Costello – King of Thieves – sorry no YouTube link.

  1. Mike m says:

    i have found your gear problems john you run shimano

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