Thursday Night Road Ride

Posted: April 8, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Snake bite and anti venom seem to have put a charge in Mike’s legs as he showed Rich and I a clean pair of heels last night. The full on road version of our normal round Bury ride (with an extra couple of loops thrown in for good measure) was hard work. Rich and Mike were on road bikes while I had my crosser. It was very interesting to note that while I can comfortably put pressure on mountain bikes while astride JTS, it is less easy against road bikes with skinny tyres. Having said that, Richard was struggling on some of the climbs and I was able to pass him more often than not – though not on the two climbs I had mentally targeted!

On balance it was a night of climbing and sprinting as I started work on my much neglected (sprint) technique. Suffice to say, it needs a lot of work!

My gear problems continue unabated. While the shifting works perfectly when the bike is on the workstand, as soon as I put any significant pressure on the pedals, the gears skip and shift on their own. Next port of call then is to check the hanger or indeed the mech.

Distance : 30 miles (well a tenth short)
Average 16.6: mph
Average HR: 137
Max HR: 174

Tune of the ride: there wasn’t one last night, it was a blank, I must have forgot to load the cerebral CD!

looking back over my last few rides, they all seem to be maxing out around the 30 mile mark. We’ll have to start stretching the distance out in time for West Drayton methinks!

  1. WildinSuffolk says:

    So what was the calorie burn last night?

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