New Rims

Posted: April 7, 2011 in General

My new rims should be landing tomorrow so it is off to Revel’s today (hopefully) to give Stovey my old wheels to strip down. I guess this is the make or break moment for my 29er, I really need to get quicker on it or it will be back to a standard 26 inch bike, or maybe I’ll just sell it and my road bike to fund a really nice CX bike, Major Jake for example, keeping the SC for off road duties all year round.

Having one or two bikes in my ‘fleet’ it does become rather expensive when bits break or wear out. The attraction of having fewer bikes is quite apparent particularly when we are all supposed to be tightening our belts.

  1. Ady says:

    How to the 29 nrs ride as they still look so strange when you see them on the trail ,very nearly purchased one ,but got the R8 instead .
    But only have 2 bikes in the stable so allways room for a new addition

  2. slowjo61 says:

    The ones I have are quite heavy, the new ones will be tubeless and therefore lighter so my problems may disappear.

    To summarise very quickly,

    Pros: they roll over lumpy, bumpy stuff much better than a 26 inch wheel, once up to speed it is easy to keep your speed high, they are great for long rides. Put a fat tyre on and you really don’t need a suspension fork.

    Cons: unless you get the lightest wheel setup you can they are slow to accelerate and you can’t really compete with 26 inch bikes. In tight stuff they are difficult to get round trees etc.

    After a year I am still not sure whether I like mine or not. Sometimes it is superb, other times I hate it. To be fair, I haven’t got it set up right just yet, a few more weight reducing pennies to spend and then maybe. (Kurt flies on his and other peeps I know also achieve ballistic speeds too so I’m convinced I am the problem and not the bike.)

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