Who ordered all the wind?

Posted: April 5, 2011 in 2011, General Ramblings

Had I still been windsurfing, the last week would have seen me in heaven, dashing off to the coast for a blast in the waves. Alas, those days are well and truly over (all my kit has been sold) and nowadays strong wind is a definite ‘bad thing’. I hate headwinds, there is something so depressing about slogging into an invisible wall for mile after mile, getting nowhere. Ironically, things only get worse when you turn around and run with the wind, you quickly make it into top gear and fly downhill, uphill…everywhere but as soon as you hit the wind again, your speed plummets. Having said that, I knew a tester once who loved strong winds, he would get his fixie out and push a monster gear 55:15 I think, upwind for as long as he could, turn round, recover then do it all over again. A total loon I used to think but he quickly overhauled me and started putting in more than respectable times while I never got that much better. I still think life is too short for that sort of commitment but testers are a strange bunch after all!


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