Weekend Rides

Posted: April 4, 2011 in 2011, Rides

A couple of rides as a Billy No Mates this weekend saw me put just shy of 60 miles under my belt. The weather was fantastic and on Saturday I was able to get out without leg warmers, full gloves, buffs, jackets etc. I took Jake the Snake out for a spin over varied terrain, some road, some fire track and some frankly difficult rocky sections (yards and yards of loose, apple sized rocks). I have yet to work out how to maintain speed through this sort of stuff. Anyway, it was a great ride which saw JTS’s true characteristic shining through once more. That’s  right, it just demanded more effort, all the time and I was totally drained by the end of the ride…. knackered but happy!

Distance 29.15 miles

Time: 1 hour 51

Average Speed 15.7 mph

Average HR 134

Max HR 157

Tune of the ride:

Sunday saw me wake up with tired legs but the desire to get out in the sun overcame any reticence on my behalf. It was Mother’s Day so I had to make an early start so I could go and see my Mum mid morning. So, a sunny but cold start saw me dressed mid way between winter and warm.

I took the Swift with me as I wanted to try it out with the new in line seatpost. Would it make any difference? I had been promised a ‘more involving ride’ so I was keen to see what difference there would be. I had set it up to mirror the set up on Jake the Snake. For such a small difference, in real terms, the in line post really made a difference to my position. Yes I was more upright but it had thrown a lot more weight onto my arms and shoulders, this might prove interesting.

After Jake, the main impression was one of being slow, slow to start, slow ‘just going along’ and slow going up but, the riding position was much improved. I was able to get more power down, more quickly which was ‘a good thing’. As the ride went on I got more and more frustrated as creaks and groans and squeaks and rubbing noises emanated from the bottom bracket area. I resolved to sort it out when I got back. Anyway, given my tired legs the ride went quite well and when I got back home it was just beginning to warm up nicely so I sat outside with a big mug of tea to wind down

A bit of tlc in the afternoon suggested that the creaks and groans may indeed have been coming from my brakes. Despite resetting them a few weeks ago, they were both rubbing. I quickly whipped the pads out, reset the pistons etc, loosened off the callipers and worked on them until both wheels ran totally free and the brakes worked perfectly. Whether this will last beyond the next ride remains to be seen. Anyway, a short bimble up the road suggested that this may indeed have been the source of my problems. Time will tell!

Distance 29.05 miles

Time 2 hours and 6 minutes

Average Speed 13.7 mph

Average HR: 124

Max Hr 146

Tune of the Ride:


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