Amsterdam – spiritual home of mountain bikers?

Posted: March 31, 2011 in 2011, General

A slightly odd question maybe but let’s examine it a little more.

Amsterdam, a city full of canals, built in probably one of the flattest countries in the world. There are a lot of bikes but it isn’t really mountain bike country. What other attractions are there?

Could it be the ladies of the night?

No, not really.

Maybe it is the cafes, all cyclists like cafes…

Hmmm… not quite like the Woodbine Cafe is it? Can’t see me getting a decent slice of cake and a cuppa in there.

How about a nice bit of cheese Grommit? No, there’s no real connection, however tenuous, to cycling here.

What do mountain bikers like doing? Quite often cycling comes into the equation – strangely enough, and then beer is often close behind. Combining the two seems like a plan but short of filling up your bidon with Stella or your Camelbak with Theakstone’s Old Peculiar there isn’t much scope for it is there? Well this seems to be where those clever Dutch people come into it with the Cycling Beer Bar. Pedal while you drink – inspired!

What a great idea! (Also available in Germany I understand!)


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