Sunday Ride 27th March

Posted: March 28, 2011 in 2011, Rides

A slightly bigger group this weekend as Mike (M) joined us for our usual blast round the woods. The trails were dry with plenty of grip.they were running fast and as the two old men of the group (Rich and I) kept up a decent pace, Dan and Mike pushed the general pace up as they sparred for dominance.

The main items of note (for me) were my legs, which proved to be a little tired, even after a day off on Saturday. True speed came in short blasts but my nemesis (moguls) undid me every time, and the on off nature of the trail we rode undid me further, until we got to climbs which I took at a steady enough pace but nowhere near fast enough to keep up with the others. It is all part of the long route back to full fitness and while it remains painful and hard work, it will all be beneficial in the long run.

We met the Revel boys going the wrong way round the trail (again)! While anti clockwise works well, it is considerably better going clockwise with the hard climbs making fast, loose descents with long swooping bends. Still, if the slow way appeals to their masochistic nature…. ;o) After this brief encounter we popped over to Santon Downham and rode around some of the old trails to our hearts content until Dan decided to head butt the ground. Taking a fast left hander, in pursuit of Mike, his pedal clipped a small stump/root and he piled into the ground like a sack of spuds. Clearly stunned, he sat around on the floor for a good five minutes. All his limbs worked but he had bashed his head and hurt his leg. The bike was ok and apart from a small hole in his shorts he was ok but, with the stuffing knocked out of him, we elected to head home. We were able to take a shorter route than normal (thanks Mike) and shepherded him back to BCP.

Rich and Mike zoomed off for a few more miles but the lure of a cup of tea and a shower were too much for me and I headed home.

I am having trouble uploading ride data to the Garmin website so no stats at the moment, I’ll add them later.

Tune of the ride:


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