Thursday Night ‘recovery ride’

Posted: March 25, 2011 in 2011, Rides

A late meeting meant I couldn’t get out to the Timber AGM but I was able to get out with Mike and Rich for a recovery ride around West Stow. It was shorter than recent rides so by that token it could be termed a recovery ride but that’s about it.

Rich took up the early pace making while Mike and I sat in, all of us complaining of tired legs. We have all done a lot of miles recently and the effects are building up. We deviated from our normal route as Rich lead us through areas we would normally avoid (nuff said). The pace remained high until we turned off into the bridleway leading out of Culford when it picked up a bit. The long drag over (for those of you who know it) the trail levelled out before trending down. Here things got interesting, I took the lead to take over the pace making from Mike but Mike seemed unwilling to relinquish it  so the pace got higher and higher. By the end I was in top gear spinning furiously yet making little impression. Fortunately, a gate appeared and we slowed up with Rich hot on our tails. A long rest (maybe 30 seconds – no more) and we were off again at a (relatively) more sedate pace until we hit the orange fire road that leads to the B1106. Once again the hammer went down as we all joined in a mad dash to the gate but we had misread the trail and it was miles away. The red mist having descended, we did not let up and a high pace was maintained until the end, by which time i had cracked.

Over the road the surface changed but the pace didn’t and we tore on into the night. As we turned left to head in the general direction of home, a brief respite was followed by more speed as we all prepared for our assault on the ‘Orange Hill’. Rich dropped behind and Mike and I duked it out with me claiming the honours, though Rich tried to power through to claim victory after the race had been won! Time for a rest? No way, the pace cracked on once more until we reached the road and I got on the front through Lackford to Lackford Lane. As the other two always fight on this climb I kept the pace low so I’d have time to recover. I am usually minutes behind on this section so I wanted to give myself a rest.

At the foot of the climb everyone claimed a truce saying they were too tired to push on but we all knew this was rubbish. I hooked onto Rich’s wheel as Mike took the lead, determined to hang on as long as possible. As predicted, the pace started briskly and gradually picked up with Mike leading out strongly (he generally ‘owns’ this climb), landmark after landmark flashed by and I was still there, two or three inches behind Rich. In no time at all the off road finished and we hit tarmac, unbelievably the pace lifted again and I was well and truly on the rivet. I got to the end of my tether as my legs felt like exploding then held it for a count of ten, then another and another when Rich kicked again and I lost his wheel. Race over I eased down as Rich went on to claim a rare victory over Mike.

The cool down followed as we split up to head home. It was late but the ride had been worth it. Some recovery ride… it was the fastest we have been for some time especially as the route was 90% off road.

Distance: 27.1 miles

Time I hour 50 mins

Average speed 14.7 mph

Average HR 136 (74% of max)

Max HR 173 (94% of max)

Tune of the ride:


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