What a fantastic day!

Posted: March 24, 2011 in 2011, General

The sun is out, hardly a cloud in the sky, there is no wind and it is warming up nicely. Looking over the field at the back of my house it is dry, the paths are dusty already and it is pretty much ideal riding weather. What a shame work gets in the way!

Meanwhile two of my bikes need some tlc, I just can’t sort out the front brake on the SC. Once I fitted the new wheel the rotor just rubs and rubs. When I got it back home from the ride the other night I reset the pads and it seemed fine until I rode it up and down the road – within minutes it was rubbing/squeaking again.  I then reset the pads (again) checked they were clear and then reset callipers once again, to no avail. When the bike is static my attempts at maintenance seem to work fine but once I am rolling it all goes pear shaped. A flying visit to Stovey seems to be in order.

Jake the Snake is poorly too. I can get the gears to index properly in the big ring but they are all over the place in the little ring. I don’t use the little ring much but it bothers me greatly that it isn’t all ‘tickety boo’. I might need help on the finer points of gear adjustment! Meanwhile, I can’t work out why the gears won’t just settle down, unless the cable has stretched more than anticipated – I’d like to say it is all that power I put through the bike but I reckon I’d be kidding myself. 🙂

Oh well, work beckons and I am bound for a day slaving over a hot Mac. Still it could be worse, the door is open, the kettle is on, the garden is full of birdsong and there is the prospect of a ride some time today. All in all then, life is pretty good!

EDIT: JTS is better – all it took was a quarter turn of the limiter screw.


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