Custom Misfit Psycles Single Speed 29er

Posted: March 24, 2011 in 2011, General
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I like the look of this bike and love the frame builder’s sense of humour (see last picture).

Bikerumor » Un-Pro Bike: Rich “Dicky” Dillen’s Custom Misfit Psycles Single Speed 29er.

A little more digging around (more like scraping really as the link was already there) lead me to the website of Misfit Psycles and all I can say is …oooooooh shiny! I wish I had as much dosh as Bill Gates as I’d be able to have as many bikes as I could every desire, then buy a garage big enough to fit them in! One or two of these would be in there quick as a flash alongside the Swift Pegasus (wish list) etc.

Once again, they probably don’t sell them in the UK – it looks like Canada and the States only. If you read this Mr Misfit… if you want someone to demo one of your bikes look no further! 🙂


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