Saturday ride to High Lodge and back

Posted: March 19, 2011 in 2011, Rides

I had Saturday morning free for the first time in ages, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the grass needed cutting but the bike won (hard choice – not). I decided to get the crosser out and ride up to High Lodger for a play. I rode fire roads on the way out but had to pop onto the road for a bit, hitting singletrack as soon as I could (by FR7). The singletrack was another revelation, the trails were in good condition, fast but grippy and I had some interesting moments as the bike’s acceleration was awesome and powering out of bends I often found myself going too fast. Bear in mind that brakes onb a crosser aren’t as good as mtbs so, even if they were as accessible as mtb brakes, they wouldn’t stop you as fast. This made for some hair raising moments but once again, a bit of recalibratrion (mentally) and it all came together. It was quite satisfying catching up and passing some guys on full on XC bikes, and even better that they were dropped as if they were going backwards. All this glee had to come to an end and it did. A smooth piece of trail saw a pinch flat. This leads to a product review moment (Topeak valve extender).

A struggle to inflate the new tube saw me limping to Bike Art at High Lodge where I was able to put some more pressure in the tyre. I was running out of time so I headed to the nearest road and made for home. I was a bit tired after I finished but all in all a good ride out.

Tune of the ride

Ride file


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