Heavy…erm ‘big boned’ cyclists there’s a forum just for you!

Posted: March 18, 2011 in 2011, General
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Have a look at this US based site

Technically, I fit into this category as I weigh in at about 206 lbs though looking at some of the pictures of riders maybe it wouldn’t be fair to race against them. Having said that, what do you do if you are overweight? Do you hide away or get off your backside and do something about it? I think it is fantastic to see people of all shapes and sizes getting out on their bikes.

Wheels seem to come up a lot as they crumple under the added stresses of larger riders. Existing at the lighter end of the spectrum, I tend not to have any wheel issues as long as I am sensible i.e. no 28 spoke rear wheels for me, maybe they need to stick to 36 hole wheels. There also seem to be issues with forks and shocks – i.e. they compress fully when people sit on them; this has to be an argument for riding rigid until you are light enough not to blow through all the travel before you even start pedalling. I think some manufacturers are starting to cater for larger riders (Kona Hoss for example) but, never having ridden one of these type of bikes, I wonder how they compromise between strength and comfort… i.e. if the back end is overbuilt to cope with a lot of weight, it has to be a really harsh ride.

Anyway, maybe I need to get myself over to the States and do some Clydesdale races so I can place higher up the rankings!

The moral of the story has to be, get out and ride, it’s a great way to get fit, lose weight but still get to eat and drink loads without turning into an amorphous blob. Meanwhile, respect to all the Clydesdales out there! 🙂


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