A short, sharp, shock

Posted: March 17, 2011 in 2011, Rides

The plan was to get an hour and a half in, nice and early so I could fulfill a random, domestic duty that was going to get in the way of my planned ride. As always happenes, time was against me and I was faced with up to an hour on the bike or nothing at all. I opted for time on the bike and decided to make it count. My ride all planned out, I headed off to a trail which leads onto all sorts of good things but it was blockeds by 6 foot, chain link fencing. Some building is going on and they blocked the road off for security I guess.

About turn, up the hill and a rapid rethink saw me heading off to a section of trail that can either be fine or hell (for a variety of reasons). I was on my crosser so I was hoping for a smooth-ish trail but it was not to be. Hoof prints and tractor ruts lay ahead of me along with soft mud. Even on the level it was tough but then I had to head up. Not much of a hill but the surface made it tough. I got up ok but it was hard work and I had to stop for a minute as a horse (heading down) got all skittish. Anyway, climb over I headed back and soon retraced my steps to the start of the ride.

Ride file here

For the first time in ages, Suzanne Vega popped into my head and accompanied me for the whole ride. I won’t post the link as it is down here somewhere already.


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