Adjusting rear mechs – for numpties

Posted: March 16, 2011 in 2011, Videos

One for mechanical duffers this (like me)….

Gear adjustment is a black art and has always (and I mean always) caused me trouble. When my gears go  out of synch I am like a fish out of water. Many people have tried to teach me what to do but it has invariably ended in disaster. Last night my gears were slipping all over the place but instead of meekly heading back to the local bike shop for help I decided to try and sort it myself. I did a google search this morning and came across this youtube video. All I can say is that he made it look as simple as anything. I quickly popped out to my bike and had a go. Two minutes later, all the chattering has gone, shifts seem slick and easy and I may have got it cracked. A whizz up and down the road should confirm this but I haven’t got time right now and my legs are still tired after last night. Tomorrow then!

  1. slowjo61 says:

    ….and when all fails, go and see Stovey at Revel’s! ;o)

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