Sunday 13th – ride

Posted: March 14, 2011 in 2011, Rides

I met Rich and Dan in the BCP car park and after minimal faffing we headed off.  Using bits of the red route as a link we headed off to some of our favourite trails on the other sider of the river.

Uppermost in my mind at the moment is fitness and I had decided not to let myself fall off the back if at all possible. We kicked off with the Gay Trail which is basically a loop of tight, then open, then tight, then open single track. The constant stop, start, effort on, effort off characteristic of the trail is great training. You can ride it slowly if you want to but, to get the best out of it you really have to push as hard as you can.

I am still not strong enough to deal with moguls properly, I just don’t have the strength to click into a big gear and give it enough grunt. Too big a gear and my back screams NO!, too little and you either get all out of shape of grind to a halt. I fall into the ‘grind to a halt’ category. Still, the Gay Trail went really well, the only problems being hardware related (more of that later) – the hardware ‘problems’ were good ones. At the end, whereas a month or so ago  I would have been fit only to head back, I suggested we move over to FR24 and give some of the old race course a bash. All was going well here until, in one particularly bumpy, but good, section of singletrack my back gave up, power went and I coasted to an ignominious halt. A few stretches later and I was able to resume riding, gently at first then back to about 75% of max. We finished the ride and I felt quite tired but my fitness is returning. It almost feels as if someone has my fitness in a vat and they are slowly opening the tap. A bit more stamina work then next month I’m going to have to try and work on sprints and big efforts so I can train my recovery systems.


Riding time 2hrs 19 mins

Distance 23.86 miles

Average speed: 11.1 mph

Average HR 142

Max HR 165

Tune of the ride


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