Thursday night ride – fail

Posted: March 11, 2011 in 2011, Rides

It all started with good intentions. Rich rang up and we agreed to ride for maybe an hour and a half, possibly a little more. For once, everything went to plan, I was ready on time, I left home dead on 6pm as agreed, I had a tail wind and after a mile or so my legs had loosened up and I was in the zone. We hooked up (MM was along with us too) and agreed the route. Heading down Lackford Lane I flatted; a quick tyre change later I noticed some ominous marks on my rim but carried on anyway. A few miles later I flatted again – this time it was the valve (on the replacement tube) that was leaking. As I had two spares with me it was fine, I changed tubes and headed off again. At the top of the next climb I decided it was a good idea to head off home so as not to ruin the others’ ride. Anyway, I got less than an hours ride in but I’m going to have to get a new wheel – FAST!

Ride stats

Distance: 12.77 miles

Moving time: 52mins 54 seconds

Average moving speed 14.5 mph (wind assisted!)

HR (average): 125

HR (Max) 168

Two punctured tubes

5 splits in rim!

Appropriately, the tune of the ride was:


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