Sunday 6th March – ride

Posted: March 7, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Today’s ride was a little disjointed but tended up being an object lesson in how to get completely stuffed, beaten for speed and generally outridden.

The start was fine, a series of fast, slightly downhill trails along tight but flowing singletrack. Conditions were spot on, the brown, snaking trails were damp to the point of perfection – plenty of grip but nothing that was going to make you wash out and firm enough to ensure you could build up and maintain a decent speed. I had taken the SC Superlight out for its’ first post fettle run and although there is still work to be done to get it perfectly tuned, it was pretty good. Dan was revelling in his new wheels (Hope Pro 3, Stans Crest rims and Nobby Nics run tubeless) and quickly assumed the position he was to keep for the whole ride…. off the front.

Rich and I brought up the rear at a respectable speed but the early pace was a little challenging and as Rich had tired legs from a Saturday ride, he was dangling a few lengths off the back. All was fine as we entered a short section that is full of little ridges that need to be ridden out of the saddle. Dan shot off, I tried to follow and Rich was there too when I heard the tinkle of broken metal followed by a call to stop. The bolt holding Rich’s saddle had sheared off. A quick search found most of the bits and we headed back to BCP to search his box of bits for replacements or see if the shop was open. In the end, neither option worked so he headed home for an early bath and cup of coffee.

After a brief chat to other folk we knew in the car park, Dan and I started to get cold and as people were still arriving for the other ride we decided to head off. The rest of the ride was ridden over fairly mainstream Thetford stuff, no secret trails or special features. We had a peep at one of the trails used in the last race and while there is a new firm line forming, the damage is quite significant – and wholly untreated. Enough of that though, today was spent hanging on, watching Dan get the bit between his teeth and sprinting off at every possible opportunity. As we both agreed, the way forward for me is just more hard work, keep hurting myself until it all comes together again. To be honest I can’t wait, struggling is so frustrating. Anyway, as we ended the ride, the sun came out and shared a little early springtime warmth with us.

Tune of the ride:

Nine Feet Underground by Caravan. As befits a prog rock track it is quite long so has been spread over three Youtube clips. A great cycling track as the tempo stays high all through… well for the best part of it anyway.

Ride file:

Thetford Forest general ride by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.


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