Tacx Extreme MTB – Nature Park Route

Posted: March 4, 2011 in 2011, Turbo

Another new course starting with a climb, this time around, it was only ten minutes which was something of a relief. My legs were a little tired from the other sessions in the week but soon warmed to the task. There was a lot of simulated singletrack on this course with short and (very) steep climbs being the order of the day. To be honest, this is where the juxtaposition of an old brake unit with new software fails – the brake unit just can’t ramp up the effort required to simulate super steep sections, it compromises by making progress very slow. Anyway, a bit of twisting and turning, a whole heap of road based descent and the finish was mainly another big (10 minute) road climb to the end.

Average HR 152.07,

Average speed 29.24 kmph.

Average power 218.37 Watts

410 metres for the biggest climb.

Ride duration 29 minutes

I have always been sceptical about the watts and the speed so I usually work on HR and how I feel at the end. On this basis, HR was high-ish and I know I had worked hard but at the end I felt better than at the start of the week. A good course then but not as brutal as some of the others I have ridden in the last few days.


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