Price increases

Posted: March 2, 2011 in 2011, News

Word on the street (well, word from someone I know in the bike trade) is that owing to the increased price of commodities and the US$/Yen exchange rate, component prices will be going up by a minimum of 15% this autumn. While we have plenty of time to buy new bits and bobs such as cassettes, chainsets etc, it does suggest that there will also be an impact on prices of complete bikes in the 2012 bike year, either that or if they are trying to hit a price point, manufacturers will probably have to downgrade the components hanging off their frames. IMO a downgrade from XT to SLX wouldn’t matter that much as SLX stuff is so good but will it stop there? Who knows but if this goes ahead, and I see no reason why it will not, it might be as good idea to buy you new bike sooner rather than later.


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