Keeping your hands warm in winter

Posted: February 25, 2011 in 2011, General

OK, the cold weather is almost gone and spring is upon us. Tuck this idea away for next winter.

I have suffered with cold hands for years, especially on sub zero night rides, and I have routinely gone down the route of getting thicker and thicker gloves to keep Jack Frost at bay. Thick gloves may well keep your hands and fingers warm but you lose all contact with the bike, imagine trying to write a letter through a duvet and you’ll get the idea. Among my stock of riding gloves I have two full fingered sets of thinner gloves in the cupboard, one which works in the summer and a thicker pair for autumn riding. I had decided to make do with cold hands in favour of retaining some feeling with the bars, grips, shifters as I ride – well at least until my hands freeze but now I know different.

After a hint from Graham, late this autumn I went off in search of some silk glove liners. I picked some up from somewhere online for a pittance (not quite a tenner). They are thin, flexible, dry quickly and are as unobtrusive as a ghost except, and here’s the important bit… they are really, really warm. I can’t believe it has taken me about 26 years of cycling to discover them. On the down side, after one winter they are beginning to fall apart at the seams and if your hands are even slightly rough, they seem to stick and catch as you put them on. If you have velcro fastenings on your outer gloves they stick and the material seems to suffer somewhat.

I can forgive them all that however, as only once have my fingers frozen this winter and it was on a brisk but extended road ride in the very early hours of the morning and it was [understatement]very chilly [/understatement]!!!

Summary – buy some for next winter!

  1. Ross Burton says:

    Hmm, silk gloves eh. Up to the elbow in a fetching red colour are they?

  2. slowjo61 says:

    No, but they are exquisite lace! ;o)

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